Thank you! 2016 conference a big success

Thanks to everyone involved in Beyond the Professoriate 2016. It was awesome and our attendees had a great experience . . . all 400+ of them!

We had tons of great Twitter engagement as well as wonderful discussions in our dedicated Slack team account. Our presenters were all insightful and inspiring, and Maren and I are really pleased with how everything turned out. Well done, everyone!

Now that the 21-day replay is over and the videos are gone, the conference is well and truly over for this year. We’re taking some time off over the summer and then we’ll have news to share with you about upcoming events and other happenings. But first, Maren and I are hosting a webinar together for Chronicle Vitae, and we’d love you to join us for that. We’ll go over some of the stats Maren alluded to during the conference, and than lay out the process of successfully making the transition to work beyond the professoriate. Then, we’ll share a few real-life examples of how PhDs have networked, built skills, and gotten experience that landed them great burgeoning careers. All this in 1 hour. Wednesday, 22 June, 2-3pm EDT.

Check out the discussion on Vitae. A registration link for the webinar will be available soon.


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