Beyond the Professoriate: The online career conference for PhDs

Learn about PhD jobs . . . and how to get them!

The 3rd Annual Beyond the Professoriate – the career conference for PhDs. It is hosted entirely online, and welcomes participants from around the globe on two days, Saturday, 7 May, and Saturday, 14 May. New this year is a 21-day replay so attendees who can’t make it to the live sessions can catch up what they missed later!

2016 at a glance: 2 Days. 4 Panels. 6 Special Presentations. 20+ PhDs. 11 Hours of Exclusive, Live Content. Entirely Online. 21-Day Replay

Registration starts at US $25, with early bird rates available through 15 April.

See the full conference program at

And read all the speaker bios at

 For purchase options, please see our Eventbrite page, or read more about institutional discounts for bulk purchases.

More about Day 1:

“The vast majority of our panelists are working in fields that require them to draw on ‘soft skills’ rather than particular PhD-level technical expertise or scholarly content knowledge. The perhaps non-obvious connections between our panelists’ graduate school experiences and what they do now is common among PhDs working beyond the professoriate.”

More about Day 2:

“On Day 2, we’re getting practical, with six presentations aimed directly at PhDs navigating a career transition . . . or considering doing so in future. This year we recruited experts we’re confident will share the latest information and suggest successful strategies to help attendees find jobs and build careers beyond the professoriate.”

Beyond the Professoriate is a joint venture of Maren Wood (Lilli Research Group) and Jennifer Polk (From PhD to Life), both PhDs who now help graduate students and advanced-degree holders navigate challenging career transitions. Each year Maren and Jen gather a group of speakers with PhDs to share their “alt-ac,” “post-ac” (etc.) experiences and provide expert advice to individuals seeking non-academic employment, now or in future.


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