Livestream Crossroads: The Future of Graduate History Education

Watch Beyond the Professoriate co-hosts Jen (that’s me) and Maren, plus Day 2 speaker Heidi Scott Giusto present live at Drew University in Jew Jersey on the topic of “Achieving Success in Non-faculty Careers: Learning to Navigate an Uncertain Job Market.” The conference is livestreaming our panel, and we’d love to have you join us, virtually! (Or in person, if you happen to be at the conference.) This is happening on Friday, 11 March, 1:00-2:30pm EST.

This will be the first time I’m meeting Heidi in person and the first time I’m seeing Maren since 2004! Yeah, we’ve co-produce Beyond the Professoriate without ever meeting in the flesh.

If you’re a tweeter, you can join in the conversation at #FutureofHistory. Other live stream events may interest you, too. More information via the conference organizers:

As part of our effort to make the discussions at Crossroads: The Future of Graduate History Education accessible for all historians, we are happy to announce we will offering a free livestream of the keynote addresses and featured sessions. Links to the live streams can be found below and will be active during the designated times.

Even if you are unable to attend Crossroads, you can still participate. Email your questions to or tweet using #FutureofHistory. Selected questions will be used during the Q&A sessions following each presentation.

Friday, March 11, 2016

1:00-2:30pm EST – Featured Session

Achieving Success in Non-faculty Careers: Learning to Navigate an Uncertain Job Market

Moderated by James Van Wyck, Fordham University

Featuring Maren Wood from Lilli Research Group, Jennifer Polk of From PhD to Life, and Heidi Scott Giusto from Career Path Writing Solutions.

5:00-6:00pm EST“Dissertations, Jobs, and the Theory of Happiness” –  Leonard Cassuto

Saturday, March 12, 2016

8:30-10:00am EST – Plenary Session

#AHACareerDiversity: Meet Us at the Crossroads: Career Diversity for Historians on Piloting Changes to Graduate History Education

Moderated by American Historical Association Executive Director James Grossman

5:00-6:00pm EST“Rethinking History Graduate Education by the Numbers” – Robert Townsend


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