What to Expect at Beyond the Professoriate – Day 2

Have you seen the conference program yet? What about our speaker bios (and photos)? Go check them out!

The point of Day 1 of the conference is to help attendees think more broadly about employment possibilities after a PhD. We’re doing that by gathering together panelists with a variety of seemingly non-obvious jobs! Read more about Day 1 here.

On Day 2, we’re getting practical, with six presentations aimed directly at PhDs navigating a career transition . . . or considering doing so in future. This year we recruited experts we’re confident will share the latest information and suggest successful strategies to help attendees find jobs and build careers beyond the professoriate.

There will be a ton of great material presented, and I hope you’ll join us for all six sessions! Since this will be a lot to take in, remember that we’re recording the conference this year. Registered attendees will be able to catch the replay after the fact. You won’t get the same live experience nor will you see our speakers in action, but you’ll hear what they have to say and see their slides. Unlike Day 1, expect PowerPoint on Day 2!

We’re starting the day with Catherine Maybrey from McMaster University, who is also an independent career coach and consultant. She was a big hit last year — speaking about LinkedIn and harnessing its power as a job seeker — and this time around we’ve asked her to speak on “Hiring From the Employer’s Perspective.” Such a crucial topic! And not a perspective we’re used to. Knowing what hiring managers are looking for in candidates can only help make the job search process easier on you, practically and psychologically.

Next up is Chris Humphrey, who’ll be joining us from across the pond. Chris runs Jobs on Toast, a website and consulting service aimed at PhDs transitioning into non-academic careers. He’s written about transferable skills in the past, and as an experienced project manager in the private sector himself, he can speak as an insider on the issue of working out that you as a PhD graduate do have skills, identifying what they are, and then figuring out how to make the case to employers.

The third presentation is all about resumes, and we’re thrilled that Melissa Dalgleish will share her knowledge and experience with us. Melissa has worked with graduate students and postdocs as well as with academic staff members at two different — very different — institutions, and she herself has navigated the transition from PhD candidate to working professional. For a sense of what she brings to the table (er, webinar), check out her wonderful #Alt-Ac Job Search 101 series on Hook & Eye.

Then, “5 Things Every PhD Should Know When Conducting a Job Search on LinkedIn”! History PhD turned career consultant Heidi Scott Giusto is always a popular speaker, and we can’t wait to learn from her. I know many of you cringe at the idea of LinkedIn, and even if not, you may be so overwhelmed by the platform that you don’t know where to start. Fear not! We are in good hands with Heidi. Whatever its eccentricities, LinkedIn is almost a must-have for job seekers today.

Our penultimate presenter is Michelle Erickson. You may not know who she is, but I hope you know her website — or will go check it out right now! PhDsatWork.com. It’s brilliant. Michelle will speak about how to build a professional network from scratch. Have you ever thought to yourself, “I have no network” or “I’m bad at networking”? (Yes, I know you have.) This session is for you. Once when I was speaking with Michelle — we were networking! — she told me about her experience hosting networking events for PhDs. When it came time to organize this year’s conference, I knew she was the best person to enlighten us on this topic.

Finally, preserve some energy for Daveena Tauber. I’m excited that she’ll join us to talk about building a business, because she’s spent the last few years building one, and it’s going strong! This session should appeal especially to those of you considering freelancing or setting up a service-based business, at least to start. Daveena runs Scholar Studio, a company devoted to supporting and improving graduate-level writing. In addition to working 1-on-1 and in groups, in-person and over the internet, Daveena teaches courses on Udemy and offers workshops on campus. Fascinating! And inspiring.

And that’s Day 2! So much great content. Do join us!



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