Why should you attend Beyond Prof 2016?

Beyond the Professoriate is an opportunity for you to hear the stories of PhDs who have successfully made the leap to non-faculty careers.  It’s also an opportunity to learn job search tips and strategies from career education professionals who specialize in helping PhDs.

…. But don’t just take our word for it.   Here’s what attendees had to say about 2015!

This was a wonderful event and a wonderful opportunity to connect with others seeking to use their PhD training in unique ways. ”

The Beyond the Professoriate conference helped me feel empowered about my job search. By the end of the conference, I’d learned not only how to identify the skills I developed in grad school, but how to communicate them to potential employers.”

Beyond the Professoriate provided the inspiration and tools I need to begin my alt-ac career transition. ”

Absolutely the best! Loved it … well organized and informative. It kept me indoors both days even though the sun was shining.”

Stimulating ideas that gave me just what I needed, when I need it. I revised my resume and cover letter, and landed an interview.”

It was a fantastic conference at a great value and I super strongly feel I got more than my money’s worth!! ”

Well worth the time investment! This is the first virtual conference I’ve participated in and love the efficient use of time and the cost savings. Highly recommend to other grad students – and it would be a fantastic resource for every faculty member, career counsellor (on campus or off) and administrator to attend also. Professional, polished, positive… all great attributes modelled and highly motivating.”

Love this! Please keep up the good work. I was really happy with the first three presentations I attended and I will definitely join in next year if I can. Thank you!”

A great introduction to job seeking for PhDs! For a very affordable registration fee, the conference provided information on a surprising range of topics.”

“One thing that surprised me was how useful the the first day ended up being! Given the vague descriptions when I signed up, I did not expect them to be nearly as useful as the second day and almost didn’t sign up for them. But I’m very glad I did, because they were extremely useful (perhaps more so than the second day)!”

EVERY graduate students (or post-doc) could probably benefit from participating in this conference. I found it to be even more useful than I had anticipated, and I plan to show up again next year, and recommend it to others who I think will find it useful for their career paths. Thanks so much again!”

The sessions I attended were wonderful. The presenters were fantastic and the information and advice they gave was very helpful and made me feel much more confident about embarking on a new career. I have been raving about this webinar to anyone who will listen, and I will definitely recommend it to colleagues for next year.”


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