Are You Joining Us? Registration Closes in 1 Week

There’s one week left to register for the conference! We hope you’ll join us. The full program is available on our website.

We’re excited to share with you transition tales, PhD-specific advice, and useful information to help you succeed beyond the professoriate. If you haven’t yet registered, consider doing so. We’ve priced the conference intentionally low: US $39 for nearly 12 hours of live programming over two days. Each session will have plenty of time for your questions and discussion. Take advantage of this unique chance to engage with more than two dozen PhDs all working in non-faculty positions (Tweet this!) — think of it like speed informational interviewing!

To get even more out of the conference, participants and speakers are encouraged to tweet all about it! Our hashtag is #beyondprof. Last year there were great conversations online, and lots of new connections were forged between conference attendees. New this year, we’re launching a secret Facebook group for registered participants and speakers. You’ll be able to discuss topics of interest, and no one will know that you don’t want to know, including your advisor.

How does a virtual conference work? Good question! We’re using a platform called GoToWebinar, which is a paid web-based conference service. It allows us to bring together multiple panelists from anywhere in the world. On the days of the conference, attendees will see and hear panelists or presenters, as well as any slides or other material they wish to share. Audience members — registered participants — will be muted (and invisible). The service is fancy: you can join via a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and if your internet gets wonky, you can even use your telephone! To make a comment or pose a question, just type it in the built-in chat feature. The session host (either Maren or myself) will then read out what you’ve written. Your name won’t be shared. Anonymity is important to us: We know what academic culture can be like!

From the Beyond the Professoriate blog:

Amanda Sewell, “On the PhD Path.”
I have a PhD, for crying out loud—surely being a professor isn’t the only thing I’m capable of doing well.

Melanie Nelson, “Defining Success.”
We can’t hope to build a career and life that truly fulfills us if we are operating under values that aren’t really our own.

Catherine Maybrey, “Reverse Engineer Your Job Search.”
When jobseekers approach the job search, even PhDs, they approach it from their perspective instead of that of the hiring organization. STOP!

Jennifer Polk, “Are You Excited Yet?
Doctoral degree holders are a unique group of job seekers, so specific-to-us stories and tailored advice are important.

Want to register for the conference? You can do so right here. Hope to have you with us on 2 and 9 May.


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