Behind the Scenes Update

We’re gearing up for Beyond the Professoriate!

Maren and I are busy getting everything organized so we’re ready for you. I’m concentrating on reaching out to our speakers for bios and blog posts — more on the latter below; she’s scheduling tech run-throughs, so everyone gets a chance to test out our online platform before their big day! I’ve been battling a nasty flu so Maren’s also been picking up my slack and doing all the getting in touch with people who’ve registered, just to let them know what’s up. (If you’ve paid and heard nothing, wait a few days. If it’s already been a few days, do let us know.)

One of the things I loved about the lead up to last year’s conference was reading all the bios of the speakers. I remember putting together the bio package in advance of sharing it with all our attendees, and being thrilled and excited about the group we’d gathered. Well, that time has come again and I’m just as pleased and pumped! The bios are coming in and we’ll share them with you soon.

(If you’re curious, you can check out 2014’s bios on our website. So inspiring!)

Did you know we launched this blog a few weeks ago? Yes! It was a project we’d been planning for a few months. Go read Catherine Maybrey’s preview of her 9 May session on reverse engineering your job search. Important information in there for us all!

More coming up. We’re excited about bringing you useful content from PhDs who are working in lots of different fields, all beyond the professoriate.

It’s mid-April and the conference is coming up fast! If you’re thinking about joining us on 2 and/or 9 May, please register soon. The deadline for registering is 29 April at 5pm EDT.


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