Are You Excited Yet?

“Another stimulating & validating day at #beyondprof! Infinite thanks to @FromPhDtoLife & @lilligroup. Hope this becomes a yearly event!”

– Dominique R. (@justdominique_)

We are! Maren and I (Jen) had a blast hosting last year’s conference, and were energized by the speakers, and by participants who asked questions, made comments, and posted on Twitter using the hashtag #beyondprof. We were also thrilled to get messages afterward with positive feedback, as well as suggestions for future events. Thanks to comments like the one Dominique R. made (above), we decided to host the conference again this year!

A big moment for us was when we heard from a different Dominique – Dominique Morneau. She was also an audience member last year, and wrote to us in early February about being a panelist in 2015. This Dominique reported that “the advice I got at your conference last year was really helpful.” One key take-away for her was “you need to network” but she didn’t think that would work in her case. Well, she gave it a shot, and to her surprise networking is what got her hired into her current role! Dominique M. is speaking on Career Day, during the third panel.

Jarret Ruminski, a history PhD who attended last year’s conference, recently told me, “It was great.” He went on to explain that although he knows there are lots of different jobs out there, “it’s something else entirely to know that PhDs are doing those jobs, and to hear how they got them.” That had huge value for Jarret. Doctoral degree holders are a unique group of job seekers, so specific-to-us stories and tailored advice can be important.

Keep reading for a selection of tweets from conference attendees. New this year, thanks to feedback from last year’s participants, we’ll have a private Facebook Group for registered attendees. More info about that next month.

Tweets during and in the aftermath of …

Career Day 2014

“Amazing and helpful advice about #altac careers, what a great session! #beyondprof” – Emily Bell (@truemilybell)

“Not often that I’m awake before 8am on a Saturday but so glad I got up to hear #altac info! #beyondprof” – Kate Rogers (@kate_psych)

“Grateful to hear others say that ‘the decision to leave #academia is very fraught.’ #altac #beyondprof #panel #solidarity” – Jess (@rawveganyoga)

“What I appreciate most about this #beyondprof is that the panelists are both positive and realistic. Emphasis on legwork and serendipity.” – Angela Sirna (@PubHistPhD)

“I had never attended a conference in a Hawaiian shirt before. Awesome first day of #beyondprof.” – Ryan Boyd (@ryanaboyd)

“I was uplifted by the Beyond the Professoriate conference this afternoon! Interacted with so many post-acs doing amazing things! #beyondprof” – Susan Gundersen (@SusanGundersen)

Professional Development Day 2014

“Enjoyed the #beyondprof sessions today, lots of good concrete advice” – Alyssa Ribeiro (@a_m_ribeiro)

“After #beyondprof feeling confident and informed about how to launch my #altac life” – Sarah Summers (@ses278)

“Thanks so much @FromPhDtoLife and @lilligroup for organizing this great #beyondprof conference! Learned so much these 2 weeks.” – Laura Mitchell (@medieval_laura)

“Absolutely FABULOUS conference, Beyond the Professoriate! #beyondprof Got a better understanding of alt-ac and how to break in (or out!)” – @linguistlena1

“Thank you to @lilligroup & @FromPhDtoLife for such an informative #conference! I am feeling energized, motivated, and inspired! #beyondprof – Jess (@rawveganyoga)

“Thanks for putting such a great conference together and for tackling topics that are often considered taboo in the uni. #beyondprof” – Janet Melo-Thaiss (@leavingofthings)

“I learned so much during #beyondprof the past two weeks. Thank you @lilligroup @FromPhDtoLife for organizing!” – Lauren Emily (@Laur705)


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